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Two Team Rooms For Sublease Within Architecture Office (10011)

Union Square Leased
Office Sublet Union Square NYC

High floor with excellent natural light and views

An architectural firm, located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 14th Street near Union Square, has office space available for sublease. There are two offices, or team rooms, which can be leased together or separately. The corner office will be expanded, by moving the demising wall, and will be able to accommodate about 10 people.  The smaller office is suitable for 4-6.  Both offices have excellent natural light and views. There is shared access to a conference room and kitchen. Signage available. 

Union Square Office Space for Lease
Floor plan -- two offices and shared use of conference room and pantry

Union Square Office Space
Private corner office (room to be enlarged by moving wall) - LEASED

Union Square Office Sublet
Reverse view (room to be enlarged by moving wall) - LEASED

Union Square Office for Sublease
Workstation - LEASED

Fifth Avenue Office Space
Second office, suitable for 6-person team

West Village Office Space
Conference room

Shared Office Space

Open Creative Office Space

Office Sublet NYC

office space with a view
Northern view

Office sublets with a view
Eastern view

Jul 30, 2015



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