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Could a turn-key office suite in a business center be the ideal solution for your startup?


In Manhattan, landlords as a rule prefer leases with three-to-five-year commitments, therefore finding a short-term office space for your business can be a tall order. Office suites, while perhaps not always the cheapest option, are the ultimate in flexibility when your business needs a temporary, turn-key office space solution. Many startups prefer the flexibility of short-term leases, especially during their initial phase of employee growth. That’s why business centers and office suites can sometimes be a smarter choice than leasing direct space from a landlord, or even subleasing from another company.

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Most business centers offer ancillary services and amenities such as desks, chairs, telephone systems (with or without reception services), and high speed internet access. Additionally, most of these services can be purchased à la carte. The centers also include convenient amenities like shared conference rooms, cafes and lounge areas.  Some companies only use their conference room a few times per month, so why pay for the extra square footage that is not being used? Moreover, turn-key office suites usually include all utilities, cleaning, and maintenance in the monthly rent. And if all that was not enough, business centers are a fantastic place to network with other companies and business leaders.

However, renting an office suite is perhaps the best solution for businesses who have a limited number of employees. They are perfect for startups, businesses new to New York City, and others companies who need immediate “swing space”. The flexible, short-term solution that business centers offer could be the proverbial arrow in your business's quiver.

Not all businesses need permanent office space. They might only require temporary office space for a specific project.  Working from home is not always an option, and the cost and time-commitment of leasing direct office space could quickly saturate your available funds. Office suites are ideal because there are no long-term lease contracts to sign.

Is an office suite the best solution for your business? Well, that really depends. It’s important to speak with a commercial real estate professional to help assess other available options in the marketplace. If you assume it’s too expensive to work with a commercial agent, it’s not, because real estate fees in Manhattan are almost always paid by the landlord, not the tenant (i.e. you). There are a multitude of unique business centers throughout New York City, and finding the right one for your business can be a lot of work.  Save your time and energy so you can focus on your business. If your company could benefit from renting an office suite in a business center – whether you are looking for space in NYC or elsewhere - email your space requirements to and we will follow up with the best available options.


Could an office suite be the right solution for your business? Tell us what you need: Office Suites in NYC

Feb 13, 2012


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