Psychologist Offices for Sublease in Midtown Manhattan (10036)

Midtown - Leased

Office space for psychologists, therapists, life coaches, and other health professionals

A psychologist in Midtown Manhattan on West 46th Street at Fifth Avenue has several private offices for therapists available for rent. Two of the offices are windowed and one is interior. These therapy offices are located in a doorman building close to many public transportation options. 

For Rent / Various



24/7 Access

Space Requirements

psychologist office for subleaseWaiting area

psychologist office for subleaseInterior office (Approx. 10' x 11.5')

psychologist office for subleaseWindowed office (approx. 7.5' x 8.5')

psychologist office for subleaseReverse view of office shown above

therapist office for leaseWindowed office (approx. 8' x 8.5')

therapist office for leaseView

March 01, 2019