Turnkey Office Space for Sublease by Madison Square Park (10010)

Nomad - Leased

NYC office space in Nomad

Located on Broadway and West 25th Street in Nomad, with views of Madison Square Park, an interior design firm has a private office space for sublease. The layout is mostly open with windows on 3 sides, 7-8 built-in workstations, a couple meeting areas, and a central storage area. The unit is located near the elevators, providing easy access for clients. 

For Rent / 1,341 sq ft



24/7 Access

Space Requirements

office space flatiron district | office subletsFloor plan

nomad office space | office subletsMeeting room

nomad office space | office subletsOpen workspace with built-in desks

nomad office space | office subletsOpen workspace

nomad office space | office subletsDesk with great natural light

nomad office space | office subletsElevator bank

September 16, 2019