Office Space for Sublease In Design Firm Office (10001)

Nomad - 4-6 Desks

NYC office space in Nomad

A design firm, located in Nomad on Broadway between Herald Square and Madison Square Park, has 4-6 large desks available for rent in a mellow, laid-back atmosphere. The office has an open layout with a glass-enclosed conference room, hardwood floors and high ceilings, and oversized windows that receive excellent natural light throughout the day. Ideally, the subtenant would be a creative company who might have synergy with a graphic design and branding firm – marketing, PR, strategy, research, digital media – as opportunities to earn extra business are likely. 

For Rent / 4-6 Desks



Conference Room
24/7 Access

Space Requirements

office sublet herald square | office subletsGlass-enclosed conference room

office sublet herald square | office subletsReverse view of conference room

open office space | office subletsOpen office environment

desks for sublease | office sublets4-7 custom-made desks (5' x 3')

herald square office space | office subletsReception area

nomad office space | office subletsView from conference room

November 19, 2019