Private Office for Sublease on Madison Avenue

Midtown East - Private Office

Midtown office space for rent

An investment firm located on Madison Avenue has a private office for sublease within their full-floor suite. This fully furnished office space has excellent southern views with lots of natural light. The private office is approximately 130 sq ft with access to a large conference room, a kitchenette, and private bathrooms with a shower. This Midtown East office building is conveniently located and has a welcoming lobby with security. 

For Rent / Private Office



Conference Room
24/7 Access

Space Requirements

midtown east office lease | office subletsModern elevator vestibule

midtown east office lease | office subletsConference room

midtown east office lease | office subletsKitchenette

midtown east office lease | office subletsPrivate office for sublease (approx. 10' x 13')

midtown east office lease | office subletsSouthern view with abundant natural light

midtown office space for rent | office subletsLobby with security desk and modern elevators

June 08, 2022