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Technology, Creativity and Art – Welcome to Union Square!


Known around the world as a magnet for entrepreneurs, artists and other creative types, New York is always being looked to for the newest, latest and most stylish in all things. From Chelsea to Queens the city is chock full of artists and intellectuals, and now Union Square can boast to be home to some of the best and the brightest in the Big Apple.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced the creation of a new Academy for Software Engineering which will be housed in the Washington Irving campus on Irving Place – just one block from Union Square Park. Apple and Yelp are already there, which only adds a nice shine to Union Square’s already lustrous appeal. Epitomizing New York’s unrivaled energy Union Square serves as both a transportation and cultural bridge between uptown and downtown Manhattan.

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Photo by D. Shankbone

With easy access to PATH trains, a metric ton of restaurants and bars and a ‘suburban community’ atmosphere it’s no wonder that office space is being leased at a high rate in and around this new tech hub. Almost a dozen tech firms that signed leases in 2011 for a combined 135,000 square feet of office space according to the Union Square Partnership. Traditionally a home to marketing companies, publishers and architectural firms Union Square has seen an impressive influx of technology and web driven companies and old traditions are fading faster than a New York minute.

Of all the new traditions none are closer to the hearts of Union Square’s inhabitants than the free Wi-Fi system that was recently upgraded in Union Square Park.  No New York tech hot-spot would be complete without world-class Wi-Fi coverage, and the newly minted system doesn’t disappoint, allowing faster and easier access to the web from a host of devices, including laptops, tablets and smart phones. The system’s portal page showcases local events and is equipped to accommodate over 250 simultaneous users with no drop in speed.  With one of the most comprehensive ‘hot zones’ in the country users in every part of the park will be covered, including surrounding side streets!

Adding to the already heady vibe is the second world class art piece

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to arrive in Union Square, the Gran Elefandret. A 26-foot-tall bronze elephant sculpture designed by Spanish artist Miguel Barceló, the 15,000 pound elephant-themed art piece arrived in September of 2011 and will be on display until March of this year. Presented through the Marlborough Gallery the monumental sculpture captures the essence of what Union Square and indeed the entire City itself stands for.

As if all of this weren’t enough, Union Square is also home to New York City's oldest and largest green market. Open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning, the green market has been supporting regional agriculture since 1976 by promoting locally produced farm products to Union Square and the entire City.

So if you’re looking for office space to lease in Metropolis you could do much worse than Union Square, where the city comes together in style and the Wi-Fi flows as freely as the artsy, techie conversations.

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Feb 23, 2012


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