Acupuncture Office for Sublease

Nomad - Leased

Part-time office for therapeutic bodywork

Located on Fifth Avenue at 30th Street, an acupuncturist has a private office for sublease that is available several days per week. The ideal subtenant would be in the therapeutic bodywork profession but other use would be considered. The suite is furnished with 2 club chairs, a coffee table, and a bodywork table. The space receives excellent natural light and has a northern view of Midtown and One Vanderbilt. 

For Rent / Acupuncture Office



24/7 Access

Space Requirements

acupuncture nyc | office subletsFully furnished office space

acupuncture office nyc | office subletsSeating area and bodywork table

acupuncture office nyc | office subletsReception area

acupuncture office nyc | office subletsView into acupuncture office

acupuncture office nyc | office subletsNorthern view

April 07, 2021