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Sweet deal! Domino Sugar Refinery lands first tenant

October 17, 2023

No pain, no gain

Prepare to witness an unprecedented transformation as the iconic Domino Sugar plant, once a workspace for laborers tending to molasses-filled vats, is poised to usher in a new era as The Refinery, an architectural structure that defies comparison.

Through a partnership with the developer Two Trees, the fitness brand Equinox is introducing a 42,000-square-foot cutting-edge gym at the Williamsburg waterfront. Remember to bring your bathing suit because there will be an indoor pool. Equinox plans to welcome its first guests in the autumn of 2024. 

This expansive fitness sanctuary will become the centerpiece of the 11-acre complex, encompassing residences, offices, retail spaces, and an immensely popular public park introduced in 2018. What sets The Refinery apart is its seamless integration of modern office spaces within the original brick-and-masonry framework of this 19th-century behemoth factory. A glass enclosure rests behind the original brick facade and houses cutting-edge offices, balancing old-world charm and modern Class A office space. 

office space glass facade | office sublets

A glass-dome penthouse 

Rebirth and renewal

After over a decade of meticulous planning, rezoning efforts, extensive demolition, and superior construction, Two Trees unveiled the newly renovated Refinery building at 300 Kent Ave in Williamsburg last month. To kick things off, it hosted an official New York Fashion Week event and post-event soiree by Hermès.

With unparalleled amenities and world-class offerings, The Refinery is not only set to captivate the thousands of residents within the Domino complex but also to entice employees from companies the developer hopes to draw to its expansive 460,000 square feet of office space.

Full-floor offices at The Refinery begin in the 30,000 square-foot range, but there are pre-built units as small as 3,000 square feet for smaller companies. 

built office space | office sublets

A typical office space at The Refinery

Modern office space

In addition to The Refinery, The Domino complex also includes Ten Grand Street, a Class A office building with around 150,000 square feet of modern office space and 17,000 square feet of amenities with private conference rooms, outdoor space, a 48-person theater, and a bike room. 

brooklyn office space | office sublets

Modern office space for lease

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