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Advertising Agency Leases Chelsea Office Space

March 12, 2023

The search for office space

A few weeks ago, an advertising agency looking for furnished office space in Chelsea contacted OfficeSublets about finding a new office. Their office space search required a one-year lease, and they needed to move ASAP because their current office lease in Midtown was about to expire. 

While researching current office listings in Chelsea, we identified a 4,100-square-foot, fully furnished office space on West 19th Street that a tech firm previously leased. The tech firm had downsized and moved its employees to remote work. As a result, they left behind all of their furniture: sit-stand desks, chairs, cabinets, and even a ping-pong table!

The deal came together at light speed. The advertising firm toured the office space on a Friday, and by the following Friday, the lease had been fully negotiated and signed. Hats off to the attorneys from both parties who worked so quickly to make it happen. By the way, we always recommend hiring an experienced NYC real estate attorney to review the lease on your behalf. It can make or break a deal.

chelsea office space | office sublets

The ideal office layout

What made this deal possible was the existing layout of the office. It has it all. First, it's a full-floor office space, meaning the advertising firm will be the only tenant on the floor. The elevators open directly into the office, and many windows on three sides allow abundant natural light. 

Second, the configuration had a bit of everything:

  • A 24-person bullpen for collaboration
  • Three windowed offices for the executives
  • A large conference room with AV equipment
  • Two breakout rooms (AKA "Zoom rooms")
  • A kitchenette with a breakfast bar
  • Two private bathrooms 
chelsea office space | office sublets

What made it possible

The fact that the landlord had already built the space for the previous tenant was vital because the office required no construction. Construction would have meant additional expenses, delayed the start date, and made a short-term lease unappealing to the landlord because of the upfront costs in labor and materials. 

The move was easy, too. Since it's a fully furnished office, the ad agency only had to bring their computers, and they were up and running immediately. We're happy to share more of the details of this deal, and if your company is looking for office space in Manhattan, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.