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Flatiron District: Find Offices and More in this NYC Neighborhood

December 8, 2023

Flatiron District NYC

The Flatiron District's unique blend of historic charm, access to Parks, and fantastic shops, restaurants, and bars makes it a popular choice for companies looking to rent office space in NYC. Wedged between the bustling Union Square Park to the south and the revitalized Broadway corridor in Nomad to the north, the Flatiron District offers a refreshing alternative to traditional corporate office environments found in Midtown Manhattan. 

The boundaries of the Flatiron District are a bit fluid, but they're generally thought of as falling between 20th Street, 26th Street, Park Avenue South, and Sixth Avenue. Just think of the Flatiron Building and draw a square around it. 

flatiron district map | office sublets

This is how Google defines the Flatiron District. 

The stretch of Broadway that runs through the Flatiron District is known as Silicon Alley, although no one ever calls it that. The name, a play on Silicon Valley, the epicenter of tech in California, was coined in the 1990s when office rents in the Flatiron District were cheap, and new dot-com companies were popping up left and right. 

One of the primary considerations when searching for NYC office space is the commute. The shorter, the better. Fortunately, when you rent office space in the Flatiron District, you're choosing a neighborhood that is literally in the center of Manhattan, where public transportation is abundant. No matter where your office is located, it will be a quick stroll to a wide range of subway lines. The PATH train stops nearby on 23rd St; even Penn Station is walkable.


Madison Square Park is the cultural center of the Flatiron District. It's the most popular gathering spot in the neighborhood; when the sun comes out, it's the place to be. You'll find office workers and local residents relaxing on park benches, taking in a coffee and a chat, enjoying an all-American burger-and-fries lunch at Shake Shack (the only restaurant in the park), or attempting to release their canine's puppy-energy in the recently upgraded dog run. There is usually a large-scale art installation, which, love it or hate it, invariably becomes a topic of conversation.

And shout out to King David Taco's, located in a bright yellow kiosk on the Broadway side of the park. They serve up delicious breakfast tacos all day long, or until they run out. 

madison square park | office sublets

Madison Square Park is the perfect place to take a break from the daily grind.


The namesake of the Flatiron District, the Flatiron Building, is a historic NYC landmark located at the intersections of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street. These three streets combine to create this triangular-shaped building shaped like a giant iron. The building opened in 1902 as a commercial office building, and remained so, until the publisher, Macmillan, vacated in 2019. At the time, the building was co-owned by several real estate partners. Numerous media outlets reported that one of the partners refused to invest in the necessary updates to modernize the building and make it marketable to new tenants. Long story short: A court ordered an auction of the building, which failed the first time due to a non-paying winner. Ultimately, GFP, one of the previous owners, won the building at the following auction and soon announced a redevelopment plan to convert the building into residential. Little has been reported since then, but the assumption is that the Flatiron Building will eventually become upscale condominiums. 


The most significant change to the skyline in the Flatiron District over the past decade is the expansion of the Metlife Building on the east side of Madison Square Park (the building with the giant clock tower). The original tower will remain the Edition Hotel. However, on the eastern wing, an ambitious new office project led by Vorando called One Madison Avenue is underway. (One Madison Avenue is not to be confused with the residential building directly across 23rd Street -- once home to an all-star New England Patriots quarterback and his supermodel now ex-wife -- called One Madison). 

To put it simply, the original mid-century office building was gutted, the interior rebuilt, the exterior windows expanded, and a giant glass tower erected over the existing structure. The new design honors the building's original architecture on the lower floors and looks to the future with the state-of-the-art addition above. The new glass tower will add 13 stories of Class A office space in the Flatiron District, an enormous gym operated by Chelsea Piers Fitness, and a penthouse restaurant from famed Chef Daniel Boulud. The leasing team has secured IBM as the anchor tenant, as well as two notable investment firms. 

One Madison Flatiron District | office sublets

Before and after. (Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox)

What types of offices will you find in the Flatiron District?

Typical Flatiron office spaces have high, exposed ceilings and wood or polished concrete floors. Many of these buildings, especially on the side streets, were constructed as manufacturing buildings for garments and printing. Some spaces in the Flatiron were even used for storage since rents were so low back then. A century later, the bones of these offices seamlessly transformed into loft offices for tech companies, designers, and architects. While not as high-end as Midtown Class A office buildings, these loft buildings offer the aesthetic and functionality many companies seek when looking for creative office space in New York City. 

The Flatiron District's charm lies in its laid-back atmosphere, a stark contrast to the corporate feel of Midtown or the Financial District, and more appealing than the post-industrial landscape of the Garment District. The neighborhood is less dense than Midtown, with many Flatiron office buildings being a fraction of the size of their Midtown counterparts. Most buildings in the Flatiron District are at most 15 stories, allowing more natural light to reach the streets and giving pedestrians an open/less closed-in experience. You can see more sky, and that'll make you feel good. 


A vibrant neighborhood

Deciding on an office location is as much about the neighborhood and what it has to offer as it is about the physical office space. I'm sure there are many choice offices in Paramus, but happy hour at Applebee's is so 1995. When you rent office space in the Flatiron District, there are many outstanding places to dine, drink, or shop after work. Here are a few.

  • LUNCH: There are too many lunch spots in the Flatiron District to mention, but one of our favorites is a classic lunch counter opposite the Flatiron Building dating back to the 1920s. Previously called Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop, the restaurant recently changed hands and is now the just-as-excellent (and perhaps even more popular) S&P Lunch. Stop by and grab a seat at the counter and a Patty Melt for a taste of old New York. There aren't many places like this left in the city. 


Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.

Orson Welles

  • DINNER: One of our favorite and undoubtedly most interactive dining experiences in Flatiron is Cote on 22nd St. With the aroma of grilled meat wafting from the tabletops, Cote is Korean barbeque at its best. The dining room is both hip and elegant, with subtle lighting that gives the space a warm glow and enormous picture windows overlooking the street. The circular bar is the perfect spot to sip a cocktail while awaiting the arrival of colleagues or clients.

  • DRINKS: Try Old Town Bar on East 18th St, if your team wants to knock back a few pints after a long day. As the name suggests, the bar has been there a while. But if it's too crowded, walk over to Park Bar on East 15th St. However, if you’re looking to impress an out-of-town client take them to Raines Law Room for a sophisticated elixir. Be sure to make a reservation because this dimly lit subterranean "speakeasy" is often booked solid. If you're in the mood for Mezcal, order the Quetzal. It fuses smoky, herbal, and tropical elements, making it a true delight for the senses. 

cocktails in the flatiron district

Enjoy a bold cocktail at Raines Law Room

  • GAMES: For sports enthusiasts, Society Billiards, Spin, and Five Iron Golf should be on your radar. Society Billiards on East 21st St has dozens of pool tables you can rent by the hour, a vast beer selection, and table service, so you don't have to schlep to the bar for another round. Spin on 23rd Street has a similar vibe but with Ping Pong tables. There is an Instagram-worthy clawfoot bathtub full of ping-pong balls awaiting your selfie. And if you haven't seen the YouTube clip where Jimmy Fallon talks about playing an intense and mysterious table tennis match with Prince at Spin, look it up. Everyone knows the connection between business and golf goes back many, many years. Golf is unquestionably the sport for business networking and relationship building. Keep your game in top form at Five Iron Golf on Fifth Ave. It opens at 6 am during the week, making it easy to play a virtual round before the workday starts. They also offer lessons.

  • SHOPS: The Flatiron District is home to a plethora of retailers. Many fashion labels that you'd find in Midtown also have outposts along Fifth Avenue in Flatiron, like ZaraThe Gap, and H&M. There are skincare stores such as Aveda and Sephora to keep you smelling fresh. Peruse the wine selections at Flatiron Wines or Bottle Rocket, both excellent shops. Academy Records has a great selection of used vinyl and CDs. There are so many more fantastic stores, too, so you won't have a problem spending your hard-earned cash. 

We've only scratched the surface here, but New York's Flatiron District continues to be a vibrant neighborhood, ideal for companies seeking office space in an engaging community. Its unique architectural character, coupled with parks, restaurants, bars, and shopping, gives the neighborhood a blended work-life balance. The convenience of transportation adds to its appeal, making it a central hub for businesses. For companies that prioritize a neighborhood alive with culture, creativity, and convenience, the Flatiron District is the perfect place to rent office space. 

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